*2020/21 membership is now closed to new members

Existing members wishing to renew should contact the membership secretary directly by 14th August 20

Important Message:

Henfield angling society recommend anglers read and take on board the latest guidelines from the Angling Trust available on their website www.anglingtrust.net

West Town Farm pond, Forest Farm lake and Batts Pond will reopen for fishing on Wednesday 13th May. Social distancing rules apply and anglers must fish at least 15m. apart. 

There is to be no overcrowding, with a maximum of 4 anglers at West Town Farm and 8 anglers at Forest Farm. There is room for 2 anglers only at Batts pond.

Sakeham Farm i.e, the two small ponds in the field are open for fishing from 13th May  

St.George's Park is also open from the 13th May

Members must stay well clear of the Pump house where there are some seats for the residents. Therefore please fish at least 50 metres away from it; also do not fish within 25 metres of the road on the far bank.i.e., the first swim.

Welcome to our website

We are a long established angling society which welcomes new members to try our river and stillwater fisheries. We provide coarse fishing for pleasure anglers and specimen hunters. There are also friendly matches for both seniors and juniors.As well as most species of coarse fish there is a run of sea trout and a head of wild brown trout that provide a challenge for the game fisherman.

We fish many miles of the river Adur in West Sussex, from below Henfield up to Shermanbury and Wineham on the Eastern arm; and right through to Partridge Green (Lock Estate) on the Western arm.We have both tidal and non-tidal sections of the river. In the summer grey mullet can often be seen coming up with the tide. They are also an interesting challenge! Carp and pike to over 20lb are not uncommon and the bream and tench go to over 5lb. There are also good chub and perch, roach, rudd, dace and gudgeon.

We have stillwaters on three different sites in the surrounding area, all within 8 miles of Henfield. Our stillwaters contain double - figure common and mirror carp as well as crucians, grass carp, tench, perch, roach and rudd.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more. You can download a membership application form or you can join straightaway at many tackle shops in the area.

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